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Carrie Evans Design believes a house can feel like a dream in every single detail and radiate with an atmosphere of home.

Our clients crave a living space that gives them the room to rest. They want the details in their home decor to truly reflect their heart and vision. The individuals we work with believe it is possible to have a space that inspires and gives joy every single day.

But, we know our clients feel overwhelmed by all the options out there; magazines, television shows and blogs. They have a vision for how they want their home to look and to feel, but when they sit down to get started, they’re frustrated by all the details with little sense of direction.

Carrie Evans Design has the expertise to step into your home or commercial property and execute your creative vision.


Carrie Evans is a high-end interior designer. She steps into your space to give you a decor that is elegant, yet feels like you can live and work in it with ease. She partners with your unique vision, paired with her creativity and experience, to give you the design of your dreams.


Carrie focuses on high-end residential clients, but also takes on commercial space projects, including restaurants. She steps into any and every stage of the process from the start working with engineers and architects, to the final stages of a home build, to furnishing the interiors of your home or commercial property.

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